Safety Program

KCES ensures daily safety meetings are being held prior to starting each job. Our goal is to eliminate accidents by being as proactive as possible. We implement a safety program directed towards the electrical work that we perform, while meeting all industry safety standards.

Our program has been established in order to:

  • Ensure the safety of employees who may work on or near electrical equipment.
  • Ensure that employees understand and comply with safety standards related to electrical work.
  • Ensure that campuses, agencies and employees follow uniform practices during the progress of electrical work.
  • Comply with OSHA Standards according to the following six points:
    1. Provide and demonstrate a safety program with defined responsibilities.
    2. Determine the degree of arc flash hazard by qualified personnel.
    3. Affix warning labels on equipment.
    4. Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers.
    5. Provide documented training to workers on Lockout/Tagout procedures and the hazards of arc flash.
    6. Provide appropriate tools for safe work.


All KCES technicians are certified in the following safety courses:

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Focus Four/NFPA
  • Lock out/Tag Out
  • Forklift/Aerial
  • City of New Orleans Class D Electrical License
  • TWIC Certified