Performance Coatings Jotun Paints, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the quick response you gave us when the VFD on our DUO went out. As you know, the DUO is one of our top workhorses in our facility. And when it goes down for an extended time, it can cause great delays in getting our product out the door and to the customer, not to mention the extra man hours to make the product on a different machine. When the machine went down, and after finding out it was the VFD, we went into panic mode. My best estimate on down time was 3-4 weeks, based on info I was gathering from the manufacturer.

I called you that afternoon and knew a technician would be out ASAP to get some info on the VFD and the machine itself. That afternoon, I was given the news by your technician that he could have us up and going within a few days. Kevin, I have been with a few different companies since we first met, and each time I bring you and your team on board for our electrical needs. And there is a reason for that. The knowledge, dedication, and commitment in all at KCES speak for itself. You expect the best of your team, because you expect the best for your customers.

Again, thank you for your excellent service, and I look forward to many more years of doing business with KCES.

Chad Lemon
Maintenance Manager

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Quikrete—New Orleans

I am pleased to recommend Kevin Clark Electrical Services for any and all industrial troubleshooting/analysis/repair and installation.

During the past 10 years Kevin Clark Electrical has always responded to our industrial manufacturing needs; such as emergency repair of down production line equipment, trouble shooting of electrical system failures, and most recently running all the necessary wiring and hookups needed for our new robotic palletization installation.

They were also involved with the installation of our new automatic batching control system which was installed several years back.

There have been times when we absolutely needed a quick response to trouble shoot a problem which had our production line down and they were always quick to send someone out on an emergency call ASAP.

Our plant has dealt primarily with Mike Fiorillo over the years and we have found him to be a highly knowledgeable professional.

Overall they are all true professionals and experts in what they do and perform work to a very high quality standard.

I have always been pleased with the results of their work.

It is my pleasure to recommend them for any electrical services work or install you may require.

John Gonzales
Plant Manager

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Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co, Inc.

We at Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co, Inc. would like to say we would recommend Kevin Clark Electrical to anyone. Michael and his guy do some of the best work. They will come out and help you day or night. Again we would recommend theme to anyone.

Bubba Thornton
Branch Manager

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For over 6 years, Kevin Clark Electrical Service has been responsive to all our emergencies to maintain our Potassium Hydroxide Production facility in Chalmette, Louisiana.They have responded to all our emergency calls promptly and minimized down time. Their technicians are knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. Emergencies ranging from any type of electrical failure by pump, motor or VFDs are quickly resolved through their troubleshooting practices. Whether it is a repair or replacement, we can depend on their expertise.

David Milas
Plant Manager New Orleans Central

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Gexpro New Orleans

My projects team has worked with Kevin Clark and Kevin Clark Electrical Services LLC on numerous commercial construction projects in and around the greater New Orleans area over the past two years. During that period, Kevin has demonstrated his professionalism and keen business acumen on numerous occasions. It is always a pleasure working with someone who is continuously looking to improve themselves and their business practices.

Kevin possesses those characteristics that exemplify what it means to have integrity in business. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a business loan through the Hope Foundation than Mr. Clark. There is no doubt in my mind that investing in Kevin Clark will yield incremental benefits for the local community for years to come.

Richard Bernard
Branch Manager

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